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AH/AW/AL Series air cooler


Q:A common opinion is a water cooler is better than air cooler, is it correct?

A: It is misunderstanding to the air cooler, most of people think air cooler can only apply to some small hydraulic systems, and it is inefficient to a large hydraulic system. All these are caused by knowing less of air cooler.

With the development of technology, It makes the heat rejection efficiency of an air cooler perfect!

The endless air is just the best cooling resource, CLEAN, ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION especially it can generate electricity, Of course it can be used in cooling hydraulic systems!

In applications, only one air cooler can be fit with one 100HP hydraulic system very easily.


Q:My power pack is 5HP, why it is inefficient by DRAIN cooling?

A: DRAIN cooling can only take off a part of heat which is produced by the variable pump, the rest heat is back to the tank with the output of oil, the rest heat is ignored very ignored since its big flow rate, then a result is the heat comes from the DRAIN, what to do is to cool the DRAIN.

Usually, DRAIN cooling is not suitable for a power pack with over 3HP motor!



Q: When choose a cooler, why do you always mention the Horse Power, Is it correct that I choose the air cooler by flow rate?

A: It is an experiential way to make a choice of water cooler. Flow Rate doesn’t reflect how much the heat produces. As mentioned cooling, it is a systemic project, not only a spare part of hydraulic. It’s wrong to choose an air cooler optionally. Systemic project means find out the balance between the heat of equipment and the heat refection of cooler. What we do is how to calculate and make the choice.

The heat produces by the input Horse Power (Electricity Energy/ Motor) when it runs.

To calculate the input horse power, the flow rate and pressure have to be considered, So cooling calculation cannot only depend on the flow rate.


Q: Why doesn’t the air cooler use commonly in China and Taiwan?

A: The main reason is: Cost consideration!

   Cost Compare:

If use water cooling, a shell-tube water cooler is enough for the manufacturer, any other related cost such as water recourse, pipe fitting and cooling tower are out of service.

But if use air cooling, the customer don’t need any other costs because an air cooler is a complete cooling unit with perfect cooling structure. The earlier cost is much more expensive than the water cooling and the manufacturer will not bear it, all the cost moves to the end user.

If calculate the total cost, the cost of using and maintenance for an air cooler is much more cheaper than a water cooler.