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High efficiency metal all heat exchanger

  • Description:

                   -  Heat exchange efficiency greatly improved, more energy savings.

                   -  Aluminum alloy metal material is not easy to breed pathogens.

                   -  Not easy to plug, no consumables design.

                   -  The maintenance cost is the lowest, and only need to be cleaned in time.

    Product application:

                    -  Energy recovery of fresh air exchange in various air conditioning plants

    COOLBIT full heat exchanger makes the air conditioning plant introduce fresh high temperature external air, at the same time, the internal air is discharged, leading to the cooling air loss, increasing the burden of air-conditioning equipment, this product is used in the cold recovery.

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NF oil mist filter can effectively prevent:

Any oil mist going through NF oil mist filter can be effectively intercepted.
COOLBIT can exterminate oil and mist with high effectiveness and low
1.To reduce oil mist entering vent pipe (by 90% or so)
2.To improve the environment of the factory, reduce electricity consumption
and save maintenance cost.

A product can only be approved by Tokyo Fire-fighting Bureau if it can exterminate oil and mist to 75%.
COOLBIT can exterminate oil and mist with super-high effectiveness (90% or so).

NF oil mist dust filter three dimensional porous body (porosity 94-96%)
It can reduce pressure damage and maintain rather high suction.
To effectively exterminate vapor, dust, oil fog and oil mist produced by industrial production due to machinery heat, and even to reduce the oil contamination on walls and ceilings, and thereby create a clean working environment.

NF oil mist filter can prevent fire effectively.

With its multi-hole metal structure and high heat conduction efficiency, NF oil
mist filter can isolate flames outside the filter and put out fire easily. There is
no need to worry about fire can ignite the oil inside the pipes.

1.I have been using water-cooling cooler, and will it be better to use the air-cooling machine?

Answer: the air-cooling technology has been developing rapidly, so that many problems such as the low efficiency of heat dissipation have been improved a lot. As the forerunner in the field, COOLBIT design air-cooling heat dissipation for thousands of machines. As a result, we are experienced in not only setting programs and product manufacture. All clients can choose our products without any doubts.

2.What about the quality guarantee of COOLBIT?

Answer: the warranty period of COOLBIT is 12 months, but it does not mean that our products can only be used for 12 months. Every single components and parts of our products are designed according to high standard and 12 months is the barest quality guarantee. Actually, all of our products are designed to satisfy the demand of five years’ use. For the past 20 years of market experiences, COOLBIT has enjoyed a high reputation for the high stability and reliability of its products.

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