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The Taiwanese company donated oil mist collector student Yuan Ze Department of Mechanical Engineering

  Study on the kulin long-term commitment to industrial air purifier, Yuan Ze University experimental workshop that poor air quality, special love to play in August 10th donated air purifier and oil mist recovery machine for Mechanical Engineering Department, Yuan Ze University, helping students to practice in good air quality.

Yuan Ze University vice president Xie Jianxing (left), coulling industry chairman Shi Liyu (left two), and Shi Zhengjun (right) and chairman of the Department of mechanical photo of He Xuchuan in the donation ceremony. Culann industrial / provide


  He Xuchuan, director of the Department of Yuan Ze University said, the use of mechanical engineering students for CNC wood processing machine and laser cutting machine in the practice process of produce too much dust, oil mist, feel the air is not good, bad smell, physical discomfort also affect the learning efficiency, so special care machinery industry for cooling students, let them from the source of pollution damage, and a certificate of appreciation to the two sides as kulin industry, enterprises and academic circles back to the land of social responsibility, to promote the importance of air purification, to create a wonderfull life environment.

  Culann industrial manager policy Jun pointed out that in recent years on environmental protection, labor consciousness, communication and Dean of the Department of Yuan Ze University where Asahikawa, found more and more enterprises and academic needs, they expect to make air better, let him know to air purification delay, improve the working environment of air the quality also makes the domestic industry environment gradually move to the advanced countries.

  Culann industry says cooperation with academia is a meaningful thing, the future will continue to bring people a better piece of land in Taiwan's air quality, and promote the correct concept of clean air